A Safety Net for Aging in Place

It Takes a Unique Kind of Village

The Benefits Cover it All

Maintain your independence with
Meadowood Life Plan at Home. It’s your passport to retirement living in the comfort of your own home.


In-home Care: Access to Aging Support Services, All in the Comfort of Your Own Home.

Remaining at home doesn’t mean aging alone.

Meadowood Life Plan at Home provides access to what you need, when you need it — right in the comfort of your own home. Meadowood Life Plan at Home members have access to Meadowood’s support system, in-home but also awards priority access to Meadowood’s care facilities. They also enjoy programs and events on the Meadowood campus, all designed to enhance your overall wellness.

At Home Services

Meadowood Life Plan at Home gives you the best of both worlds: access to a support system and community without ever leaving your home.

Your Personal Advocate

Your Life Plan Coordinator, a clinically licensed Meadowood professional and Medicare expert, works with you to create a personalized plan to assure you can stay in your home and continue to enjoy your independence. This plan also anticipates your future healthcare needs. Your Life Plan Coordinator wears many hats:

  • Wellness coordinator
  • Healthcare advocate
  • Care coordinator & manager
  • Social concierge
  • Medicare services coordinator
  • Long-term care insurance manager
The Services You Need

Meadowood Life Plan at Home includes a full range of services, all designed to preserve your independence so that you can age in place:

  • Wellness coordination to enable you to thrive in mind, body and spirit, right in your own home
  • A dedicated Life Plan Coordinator who works with you to create a personal plan for remaining in your home
  • Companion services, including visits for conversation, playing games and going for walks, as well as medication reminders and regular telephone calls
  • Homemaker services such as light meal preparation, light housekeeping and other chores
  • Home health aides who can assist with bathing, dressing, grooming and more
  • Licensed nursing care for home health services not covered by Medicare, including medication administration and treatments
  • Home emergency response system, with 24/7 coverage, that is furnished, installed and maintained by a plan-vetted participating provider
  • Priority Access to in home or facility care services on the Meadowood campus including Assisted Living or Nursing Care

“There are many attractive features to this program, being attached to Meadowood the community is an important one.”

“Understanding the Concept of LifeCare – It’s a wonderful program!”

“Timing is everything! Don’t wait! Join before you need care!”

Meadowood Life Plan Home: Your Partner in maintaining patient wellness

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Let Us Help You Help Your Medicare Patients

Meadowood Life Plan at Home helps you manage care for your patients age 62 and older. It’s a complete safety net of services that includes wellness support, enriching programming,
Personal Care, Memory Care and Nursing Care — with the goal of enabling your patients to remain in their homes throughout the aging process.

  • Communicating with Providers – We coordinate care and share health information among your patients’ providers, careful to protect the privacy of their personal health information.
  • Tracking Treatment – We follow your patients throughout the hospital system so that you can stay in on top of every detail of their treatment.
  • Fielding Calls – We answer patients’ questions about conditions and treatments, freeing up your office personnel from fielding multiple calls.
  • Coordinating Care & Services – We vet and coordinate care and services ranging from companion and homemaker services to home health aides.
  • Visiting Patients at Home – We monitor your patients’ nutrition and overall wellness and provide much-needed social interaction and activities of daily living (ADL) support in their homes.
  • Looking at Long-term Needs – We provide coverage for the care your patients may need on a long-term basis, simplifying paperwork and reducing staff interactions with insurance providers.

FreqUently Asked Questions

From membership fees to future care, we’ve got answers to all your questions about Meadowood Life Plan at Home.

Is the membership fee refundable?

The membership fee is amortized. It declines 10% the first month then 2% a month over a period of 50 months. Should you exit the program during the amortization period, the balance of the membership fee is returned to you.

Are the fees tax deductible?

Because it is considered a medical service, both the entrance fee and the monthly fee is 100% tax deductible, off your medical tax deduction.

Are there any hidden fees?

There really are no hidden fees. You will incur costs associated with your home, of course, because you’re staying in place, as well as other costs such as meals. This is in contrast to those who sell their home and move into Meadowood who exchange those costs for those related to life on campus.

Must I go to Meadowood if I need personal care or nursing care?

No, you can go wherever you like. Under this plan, Meadowood’s benefits include care at the facility of your choice. Members may relocate out of state and take the benefits along with them.

Who decides if and when I must move to a facility?

The goal of the program is to keep you at home through the aging process if that is your goal. We have all the tools and skills needed to keep you in your home as long as possible.

What if my spouse does not medically qualify but I do?

We do have a lot of members where this is the case. This is an amazing caregiver support program. In many of these cases, care needs of the ailing spouse drain the assets of the couple.

When the healthy spouse requires care 10 or 15 years down the road, the assets may be dramatically limited. It’s important to first protect yourself financially; then you can open up the assets to the ailing spouse. Your Life Plan Coordinator is there to help you manage it all.

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